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Betco Clario Luxurious Foaming Skin Cleanser - 1x carton

Betco Clario Luxurious Foaming Skin Cleanser - 1x carton

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Green Earth Foaming Skin Cleanser refill for Clario Dispensers meets EcoLogo certification requirements and complies with FDA and CDC standards for handwashing. It is certified for performance, limited VOCs and reduced toxicity by Green Seal. Thick, rich luxurious foam provides a pleasant handwashing experience and cleans light to medium soils. Gentle to hands, the cleanser maintains skin health and is recommended for frequent hand-washing. Formulated with emollients to moisturize the skin, this cleanser will not cause dryness or irritation. Sealed packaging keeps premium skin cleanser free of contaminants, and the design allows 99 percent product evacuation.

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